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Report from BA: Days 1 & 2  
11:00pm 11/03/2008
Oh my goodness, I like this city so much more than I did when I first arrived here. Given that my first experience was a hellish taxi ride through the bad parts of the city from Ezeiza Airport, it's astounding how much my views have changed.
So yesterday: I started at the TEFL School. More on that later. Then I went wandering, and got lost. Here's how it happened. Essentially I confused the TEFL School with the headquarters of GIC Argentina, the company that set me up with the TEFL School. GIC is on Av. Rivadavia, which is south of where I'm staying on Corrientes. TEFL is north, on Av. Gral. de las Heras. All three (GIC, TEFL, and the apartment) are on the same road (Ayacucho) which cross Rivadavia, las Heras, and Corrientes. When I went to the TEFL School (North) I thought I was going to GIC Arg. (South). So when I went further North-East after the course finished yesterday, I thought I was going South East into the centre. So basically I got spectacularly lost, but I managed to find my way back and I saw a significant part of the North of Buenos Aires (Recoleta is the name of that suburb). There are lots of streets named after countries, like Avenida República Árabe Siria, which was a nice surprise. Also Avs. Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, etc. Yesterday I had dinner in the apartment and met Isabel's son Tomás, who studies at the Lycée.
Today I was better oriented, so after the TEFL Course I went the correct direction into the centre and found Av. 9 de Julio, the largest avenue in the world (14 lanes). Then I went South to the Obelisco (a massive obelisk located on the site of the place where the Argentina flag was first flown) and took several pictures, then walked back along Corrientes to the apartment. It's very useful being on Corrientes, because it's essentially BA's Broadway: lots of theatres, restaurants, playhouses, and bookshops. Oh, and as an aside, NEVER try to find something in a Spanish-language bookshop, because it's just impossible. The books are actually not organised at all. Really.
Tonight I had gnocchi and chicken with Isabel, Tomás, and a gentleman called Patricio (who I think is Isabel's brother). It was amazing - we spoke mostly in Spanish and I understood almost everything that was said, plus we had a lot of fun discussing politics and Patricio kept trying to steal Isabel's wine. He comes here every Tuesday for gnocchi, so they must be family, and I look forward to next Tuesday. We got on really well.

Tomorrow will be fun.
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02:42am 12/03/2008 (UTC)
14 lanes? Wow.
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05:35pm 12/03/2008 (UTC)
One of my family's friends has a house in Buenos Aires. He keeps inviting me every once in a while to go spend time there, but I don't have the time or money and am not comfortable enough with Spanish to go. But it's nice to know that if I ever DO go, I have a place to stay and someone who can show me around a bit. (I'm not as brave about wandering about on my own as you are. I have the spatial abilities of a gnat. :P)
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05:33am 15/04/2008 (UTC)
Hello, I'm actually doing an internship through GIC for two months in the summer. Could you tell me about your experience with them? Where are you staying?


If you'd like, you can email me at skybooks91325@yahoo.com subject GICARG.
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