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A normal Oxford social encounter  
06:09pm 10/05/2008
People say that the world is a small place. If that's true, then I dread to think how tiny Oxford is by itself, because everyone seems to know everyone else. Here's an example case from last night:

It was guest dinner, which is quite an occasion because it's cheap and there's lots of alcohol and people can bring friends. While there, I talked to Chang (Geographer at St. John's) and he introduced me to his guests, Daniel and Yunnan. While talking to Daniel, I established that he was doing Russian and was a close friend of my friend Rob, at New College. Then I got talking to Yunnan, who, as it happened, ALSO knew Rob because she was at New College too. It also transpired that Yunnan and Rob's friend Maggie went to school next to where Dan used to live, and that her best friend at school was Dasiy Ware. Who is in my Arabic class.
But there's more. Daniel also knew Thomas Barrett, someone else I know who does Spanish and Russian. While we were discussing this, Daniel mentioned how he confused Tom Barrett with Tom Parrot, his best friend at school. And that's when Ollie Willmott (another Geographer at St. John's) joined the conversation and remarked that he knew someone by that name. It turned out, naturally, to be the same person, who used to go to Dan's school and then moved considerably south to go to Ollie's school before coming to Oxford.
This kind of thing is fairly standard Oxford fare.
Var är jag? St. John's College
Jag lyssna på Je veux te voir...
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05:26pm 11/05/2008 (UTC)
Dude, that sounds like Pittsburgh.

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