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Busy Busy Week  
11:02pm 07/02/2008
This has been, and will still be, an incredibly action-packed week. For the first time since I arrived in Oxford, I have a social event to occupy me every night. Here's a brief rundown:

MONDAY: I had nothing planned, and actually spent quite a while doing a translation, but then Charis wandered into my room with the token "I was going to work all evening but instead I went to the DoC [Duke of Cambridge] and got drunk" look, before inviting loads of PPEists up to my room. So we had tea and then went out to get kebabs from Hussein's [the vans across the road].

TUESDAY: Shrove Tuesday and Arabist dinner. Tasty pancakes at Conbibos and the first time I really met the other Arabic class in a social situation, quite astounding when you consider that I will be spending all next year with them in Syria. They're all really nice. We went to a restaurant called Kasbar that serves tasty Middle Eastern food, then we went back to Jess's room in Wadham and had shisha. The brilliant thing is that shisha is related to our course.

WEDNESDAY: Chinese New Year party! Tasty food at excellent prices at Paddyfields. Major celebrations and new friends, namely a second-year geographer called Adam Bailey who hates England just as much as I do.

THURSDAY: Linguist Drinks. We had this last term too. They happen in St. Giles House, which is rather posh and just next to John's. Much revelry and drunkness, only this time none of the tutors turned up. I ganked two bottles of (gasp) SPARKLING WATER! Jack took the wine.

FRIDAY: Tomorrow is another film night. I'm happy about that because it's an excellent film, Peter Greenaway's The Cook The Thief His Wife and Her Lover. Plus I'm having lunch with Charis at Loch Fyne (Amazing! fish restaurant).

I did lose my wallet though. That was a low point. Damn it.

Var är jag? St. John's
Jag är Chipper!Chipper!
Jag lyssna på 40ft (Franz Ferdinand)
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01:24am 08/02/2008 (UTC)
Haha. I just realized that I think everyone is destined to hate wherever it is they're from, whether it's AZ or England.
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