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On the Subject of the Rain  
10:11pm 19/03/2008
So it's thunderstorming right now. I have never seen anything like it. English rain is placid and annoying and light, it can never quite make up its mind whether it's going to develop or peeter out. You can rarely hear it, you can just feel it as it keeps the right balance between being light enough not to annoy and heavy enough to warrant an umbrella. Everyone just plods along annoyed by its inconsequentiality and by the bare-facedness of anyone audacious enough to unfold their umbrella.
Arizona rain is sweet-smelling and makes the flowers bloom, and you definitely notice it, but you don't go out in it. You stay inside and appreciate it - it's only going to last 15 minutes anyway.

Argentinian rain is something else entirely. It's been pounding down for hours now on a scale I never imagined was possible. I fully understand the concept of a monsoon. There is so much rain. You can see it in the air, you can see it ripple when the wind blows, you can see the drops when the lightning appears (which is every 10 seconds, really!). It looks like everything's sweating. There are little waterfalls running down the sides of buildings, paddling pools filling on the tops of the apartments, and all over the city there is the total roar of this pounding, punishing rain. It's unbelievable.
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